Manage Your Vendor Account

How To Manage Your Vendor Account. 

Customizing your vendor account makes it easier for customers to get to know you better and find you easily. You can send and receive messages, add your picture profile/logo, contacts, shop location, social media accounts to your vendor profile. 

To manage your vendor account, log in then go to your account on the top MENU

Get a professional look by customizing your Vendor account. 

Dashboard (

From the Dashboard, you can do the following.

1. Add a new product/service

2. Edit product/service details

3.Check quote requests 

4. Check page statistics e.g. product and page views

5. Edit Shop/ Vendor settings - Shop location and description

6. View Comments 


On the settings tab, you can do the following. 

1. Update Vendor Profile - (Logo/ Profile picture, User Name/ Shop Name, email settings and Add phone number)

2. Change cover image 

3. Update Shop Address

4. Add Social Media Accounts (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Youtube, and Telegram)

5. Change Your Password