Tips On Selling Your Bike Online

Tips On Selling Your Bike Online


As an online marketplace, our work is to connect you to buyers and make it easier for you to sell. However, it’s important for you to note these keys tips to enable you to sell faster. Here is are a few points to keep in mind as you get ready to sell your bike online.

  1. Service Your Bike.

Ensure your bike is well serviced before you sell it. Replacing worn-out parts will increase your chances of selling quickly. Furthermore, selling a safe and well-functioning bike gets you an honest sale and will get you great reviews online. If you are a vendor, online ratings will help build on your credibility.

  1. Clean your Bike.

Nobody would like to purchase a dirty bike. A clean bike would let the buyer tell on whether the buyer cared about the bike or not. A proper wash of the bike would be necessary or at least wipe and dust it to look presentable.

  1. Take Good Pictures.

Get your bike to an open area with lots of lighting. Take as many pictures of the bike as possible. The main picture should be of the entire bicycle (ensure it’s the right side of the bike showing the drivetrain). Take closer pictures of the frame and components. Some of the focus areas important for a sale include the fork, shock (if applicable), wheels and tires, cockpit area (Brake handles, shifters, handlebars, grips, and stem), Drivetrain (Chain, cassette, derailleur, and crankset), Saddle and seat post.

  1. Be Realistic on Pricing

It’s very important to price your bike correctly. Build price value based on; the previous purchase price, year of manufacture, components, and the general condition on the frame and components. If you are not sure of the price don’t guess, please get assistance from an expert, local bike shop, or do online research of the bike.

  1. Describe the bike as detailed as possible.

It is good, to be honest about the condition of your bike. Mention any anomalies on the bike, whether on the frame, components of functionality. It is also important to give a description of the Brand, Frame size, wheel size, year of manufacture, price, maintenance history of your bike, and your location (City/ area).



When you get a buyer online ensure that you beware of that buyer. Take note of the following

  1. Meet the buyer in a public area
  2. Avoid cash transactions if possible
  3. Get someone to accompany you if you need one.
  4. Be very cautious when giving out test rides to strangers.
  5. Always take note of the serial number of the bike that you sell for any future reference.